2016 In Review

2016 ended up being a tremendous step forward for the Lethbridge Soaring Club!

Some highlights include:
-Construction of a 70×80′ steel hanger
-Significant training advances
-Preparation for Freedom’s Wings flying days
-Multiple wave flights
-Participation in Alberta Soaring Council events
-Arrangement of tow plane presence for part of the year
-Last flying day of the year was November 26!

March 2016 Meeting & Support Request

Our monthly meeting for March 2016 will be held Thursday, March 3, 6:30PM at Treasure Chest Comics. If you are interested in the Lethbridge Soaring Club, we encourage you to come out!

Unfortunately, a major wind storm has destroyed our glider storage structure at our base in Cowley. In order to continue flying in the season to come, we need to build a new structure. This is especially important given the Grob glider that has been entrusted to our care by Freedom’s Wings. If you are in the position to do so, we would greatly appreciate any financial support that you can offer.



The Lethbridge Soaring Club welcomes a new addition to our fleet. A Grob Twin Astir has been obtained from Youth Flight Canada to facilitate the Freedom’s Wings Canada program. The Lethbridge Soaring Club will use the glider as a member of Freedom’s Wings to introduce the beauty of flight to the disabled. The glider is also outfitted with specialized hand controls to allow training for paraplegic students.

The club rigged the glider and completed several test flights on August 3, 2015.




Lethbridge Airshow

The Lethbridge Soaring Club participated in the static display at the 2015 Lethbridge Airshow. We displayed our 2-22 glider trainer and talked to many aviation enthusiasts. One lucky winner of our draw will receive a free familiarization flight this summer.







News from our July Flying Week

Our first flying week was a great success, we flew nearly 100 flights in a week. See some excellent media coverage from our events by following the links below.

Global News Video

Pincher Creek Echo


We have spent the last few weeks building a hangar in the world class soaring site of Cowley, AB.


An impressive display of teamwork and club spirit made it possible to assemble a hangar on a sunny day! New members who join us now will benefit from a glider always ready to go fly! That’s in addition to other great club equipment and vehicles.

Hanger 2

You won’t believe how wide runways this hangar is next to!

Hanger 3

Our glider, that you saw at the outdoor show, is now assembled and ready to fly.

Glider Assembly

The big yellow machine in the background is our winch… for a normal launch it accelerates 1000lb+ gliders to 100kph in under 3 seconds! Come see it in action and learn how to winch a glider into the air!

If you were not sure if flying was for you, or if there was a better way to enjoy the summer than joining an enthusiastic, passionate group of gliding enthusiasts, now is the time to find out!

We have sign up slots available for guests and always room for full members to come have flights and lessons! You won’t believe how many events and weekends we’ve already planned out for the summer:

Online Flight Scheduler

Just type in your name and contact number in one of the guest spaces in a column for the date(s) that work for you!